Courses Table

IDCourse NameDurationStart DateInstructor
C-7798 Adobe Photoshop CC for Beginners 10 days04/14/2016Admin
C-8658 Create A Website using WordPress 6 days04/14/2016Admin
C-7753 How to Lose Weight Fast: Proven Method 5 days04/14/2016Admin
C-7892 WordPress for Beginners 7 days04/14/2016Admin
C-7755 Accounting in 60 Minutes 4 days04/14/2016Admin
C-432 Mastering Adobe Photoshop CC 1 days04/14/2016Admin
C-8775 Introduction to Electronics 2 days04/14/2016Admin
C-8759 Become an Android Developer 8 days04/14/2016Admin
C-8740 Linux Command Line Basics 14 days04/14/2016Admin
C-8727 Introduction to Graphic Design 17 days04/14/2016Admin